Our commitment to pleasing our customers with the highest level of professional service is reflected in the positive feedback we get.  Their trust and praise is our proudest possession.

  • Anyone lucky enough to have found AC Guru to install and/or maintain their AC system will certainly be happy they did! They took an overall look into my cooling and heating situation and determined the best modifications to make to my system to create an outstanding environment inside my house throughout the year. I am very pleased!

    AC Guru does the job right! They pay attention to detail and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the system function to its highest potential. I feel like they treated my house as if they were working on their own. They were very knowledgeable and willing to communicate with me so that I understood exactly what was needed and why. Now, after 2 years of having the system, I have to say I’m still just as pleased as I was when it was initially installed. The system has been very efficient and has saved me money in the long run.

    W. Doppelfeld

    Sanford, FL